Youth Exchange in Barcelona

You know that you can travel and learn at the same time and this European Commission can offer it to you and the best of all is that all expenses are covered.

What you need to have is the desire to learn about new cultures and want to develop new skills and get to know new people from different countries.

This opportunity is for you if you are 18-30 years old you can apply and join this youth exchange. To apply follow this link;

You have the opportunity to learn and improve your skills. Also, you can connect with youth and make friends and cooperation on youth topics. 

This youth exchange encourages the youth to be proactive in their communities and to participate in decision-making in their local environment. At the same time, youth will improve their skills in youth initiatives and social communication and inclusion.

Also, youth during this project gain a sense of their European citizen responsibility and also promote the values of Europe.

Post Author: Gazmir