Projekt “Youth Zone”

Projekt “Youth Zone”, implementiran od strane mreže “Hate Fighters”, predstavlja značajan korak u podršci civilnog društva u sektoru mladih. Kroz trogodišnje partnerstvo u okviru programa Erasmus +, od 1.1. 2023. […]

Cultural misunderstandings

I started looking for long-term volunteering projects during the summer of 2021, just after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication. The possibility of finding a job was more of […]

Turning Point

I didn’t have many life-changing experiences until I moved to college. In fact, most of the time I thought it was too late to do something. Staying away from social […]

SDG Time youth exchange in Barcelona

Impress youth center participated in the youth exchange with the topic of SDG goals, and sustainable lifestyles. This project took place in Barcelona, Spain from 19-26 January. As partners in […]

There are some moments when we are down and we don’t believe in ourselves, we don’t believe that we can do better and this is a barrier that our mind […]