The world of the animation and volunteering


I’m Enzo and  was born in Tarbes in France, since I was 3 years old I have been passionate about fishing. About two years ago I left for Toulouse without the baccalaureate. I started doing odd jobs but it wasn’t very conclusive. I was able to do prospecting and canvassing, baking, butchery, shelving but I realized that all these jobs didn’t make me happy. 

Then I finally found something in which I enjoy, a civic service in animation called senior solidarity .The goal was to fight against the isolation of the elderly, so we made home visits to keep them company or teach them about digital technology. This experience in particular taught me a lot, I felt like myself. It also made me want to work in the social sector later. 

I really enjoyed this mission more because it responded to my values, I was in sharing with seniors, in helping with my colleagues but that’s not all I was also able to help people by supporting them I really felt useful. 

I was able to talk about my hobbies like board games, fishing, art, music… for example I was also able to better define my values ​​thanks to the opinions of seniors during our last laughter yoga session with elderly people, they told me that: I am caring and funny ,that I am sensitive and empathetic, natural, authentic and generous personally I find myself in these character traits because I love sharing and human contact.

Today is July 9, 2024, it’s my birthday. and I am again volunteering at Impress organization in Daruvar, traveling the world, so I am in Croatia and thanks to them I can have more confidence in myself and feel useful, I thank them for that. I can give of myself for my neighbor. As Budha says,Patience is the key to evolution, inner strength, perseverance and wisdom”. 


Post Author: Gazmir