Home is where the heart belongs to

In 2018/19 I had the opportunity to study abroad the famous Erasmus that every student wishes to have sooner or later in their life but parents fear for their bank account half the time. That’s why I ended up in the Baltic capital.
When they say that life takes many turns it is true. I am a student of German philology, in Riga because I did not have enough German level to be in one of their universities, ended up in the other part of Europe is surrounded by different cultures.

Among so much cultural variety I found a series of people who in the end defined a little the concept of family, and so it was that among so many conversations, parties, and a long, etc., the best trips were planned.
All these trips, even though my bank account suffered and, perhaps, a little myself when I arrived at class where I did not know much of what had been discussed the day before when I was not there, allowed me to know new worlds and their corresponding cultures. But not only these escapades
enriched me or made me grow as a person, but it also adds up – and a lot – the time I spent in Riga.
It’s cold, its traditions, its food, the people in the class and I could go on and on making Riga home. My place in the world that I would like to come back to again and again because it is my favorite haven. Because in the end home is where the heart belongs.

Post Author: Gazmir