Education a challenge of the future

Today is the international day of education. This day is an important day to be celebrated in the whole world for the achievements that over centuries have been reached with giant steps in the education system in most parts of the world. Back in time, the education system was very closed and not inclusive for all people with different cultural, economic, or social disadvantages.

Still, the education system has so much to be improved, changed, be more inclusive, be more open for everyone, and be for all.

If we make a short view and do very light research but not necessary to do that if we just watch the news on TV, read a newspaper or magazine we can easily spot so many problems in the education system in many parts of the world.

In a fact we can mention many countries in the middle east where the education system is very hermetic, and not accessible for a great part of society such as women. In so many of these countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, women are deprived of accessing the education system, having better chances in the labor market, having more knowledge about different topics of life, or just being able to explore the world through the knowledge of literature, books, etc.

Following in many countries in Africa, millions of people also don’t have access to education, they miss the infrastructure of education, and millions of people have no chance to learn the basics of writing, and learning how to read, have access to using the same educational tools as other students in the other parts of the world.

In this day we should emphasize more this part of education, to do more for these countries, for these youngsters that have no access to education, to do more for these children to be able to read, write and explore the world of education. With better education, we can have a better world, a more inclusive world, better life conditions, and less poverty because everything is connected with education.

Impress is avant-garde in this process as we organize all-the-time activities for youngsters in schools not just connected with formal learning but much more with non-formal learning so in this way the youngsters can have the full frame of education, they will be more prepared for the future.

Education should be for all, this is the goal that we should work on together.

Post Author: Gazmir