Focus group; How to face difficulties in times of crises

Impress is very active with the youth and issues that they are facing in the difficult times of crisis or situations when they can’t access some services that are basic and necessary for them to have a healthy social life and also be in social cohesion and levitate the excluding from social life.

In some moments there are difficulties that can be barriers or a struggle for the youth in order to achieve better results in different perspectives of life and this happens in social crises and in situations when youth can’t access some services or the use of some spaces is not possible.

Regarding this topic, the Impress team organized a focus group table with youth in Pakrac to discuss the difficulties and issues that youth face during times of crises and especially during covid and post covid times. 

The youth were very constructive in that discussion and they shared their difficulties and also how they deal with them. Also, the Impress team of workers pointed out and gave some advice on how to deal with the issues and that asking for help and support from adequate social; services is one way to make it easier and solve the issues that come up.

Together is possible to solve and find solutions.


Post Author: Gazmir