‘’Power of youth’’ youth exchange in Costinesti, Romania

Costinesti was the next stop for Impress as a partner organization, a group of youth who participated in the youth exchange with the topic of the power of youth. The exchange was held from 24-31 January. This program concentrated on the power of youth as an important group of society that can take action to change so many issues that are very important for the whole youth in Europe area and much more. These youth exchanges have the mission to gather the youth together, connect the youth challenges, empower the youth’s ideas, and give them knowledge.

In this project, the youth create a sense of permanence, a sense of cultural diversity, how to work in a team, and how to cooperate and work on ideas that represent a big group of youth at a regional or international level. Impress has given opportunities to thousands of youth over the years and we keep doing it because we believe that with this support we will build a better future for them and make them think out of the box for big challenges of the youth and the future of the whole society.

Post Author: Gazmir