The power of a smile

Do you know what is the most powerful social “weapon”? A smile is the most powerful weapon, with a smile we can change so much in someone’s life, a smile can save someone’s life, a smile can give another direction to someone’s life, and a smile can be the moment of the day for someone.

All the scientific studies show that people who smile are much more productive in what they do and at the same time they have less probability to be in a depressed situation because their body produces constant hormones of happiness. Also, studies show that when we make someone smile we receive a high amount of positivity and happiness hormones which are very connected with our everyday life.

Impress is the place where we make people happy and spread smiles and positivity with all the activities that we make for kids, youth, and the elderly. We make people smile and have fun and share this energy with others, sharing the happy sounds of smiles and happy faces with other people in the community. Making people happy is important for the Impress team and each day we don’t just help all the generations to sharpen their skills and be inclusive in the community but at the same time bring smiles and happiness into their lives.

So on the international day of smile let’s promote the power of a smile, the power of happiness, and the power that a smile can change so much. A smile is not just a smile, it is the beginning of a positive day, a light at the end of a hard day, and a new friendship that starts with a smile.

Let’s start with a smile and let’s promote the importance and power of positivity and a smile. 

Smile, be happy, share and repeat.

Post Author: Gazmir