Intervju s inženjerkom građevine: Nataliom Danilovom


„In the process of project development and construction, problems always arise, and you as an engineer must find the optimal solution to solve these problems.“

Udruga Impress u sklopu projekta STEM JUNACI pod podrškom Ministarstva znanosti i obrazovanja promiče i predstavlja struke s područja znanosti, tehnologije, inženjerstva i matematike. Jedna od aktivnih volonterki u sklopu ovog projekta je Natalia Danilova, koja nam predstavlja više o  tome što radi kao inženjerka građevine u Rusiji:

ICM:  Tell us about yourself: who did you work for and for how long in this profession?
NATALIA: Hi!  My name is Natalya.  I worked as a civil engineer for 8 years.

ICM: Why did you choose this profession?
NATALIA:Parents advised when I chose a university.  In 2007 in Russia it was a very popular and prestigious profession.

ICM: Was it difficult to master your profession?  What education do you need to get this?
NATALIA:You need to get an engineering degree.  I’ll lie to you if I say that it was easy.  Yes, it was difficult, but when there is a desire to achieve something in life, you are looking for opportunities for this.

ICM: Do you need some special qualities and skills for a person who decided to become a specialist in this field?
NATALIA:Of course it will be easier for you if you have a technical and mathematical mindset.  But this does not mean that if you have a humanitarian mindset, then you should not go to study in this profession.  If this is interesting to you and you understand that you want to master this profession, then you just need to spend a little more time to understand the processes.

ICM: What was the most interesting in your work?
NATALIA:Make a budget for the construction of projects.

ICM:  Does your profession allow you to reveal your creative abilities, to prove yourself?
NATALIA:Definitely yes.  In the process of project development and construction, problems always arise, and you as an engineer must find the optimal solution to solve these problems.  That is, university knowledge is not always enough for this.

ICM: Did the childhood dream of a future profession come true?
NATALIA:“I honestly don’t remember who I wanted to be when I grow up.”

ICM: Did someone work in this position in your family?
NATALIA:No, I was the first to go to the engineering field.

ICM: How do you see your profession in the future?
NATALIA:This profession is very prestigious.  And in the future it will develop even more like our whole world.  Thanks to modern computer programs, it became easier for engineers to work, because many processes were automated.  People will always use the creations of engineers and no robots can replace this.  So feel free to go to university to study as an engineer.  Thus, you can help and make life easier for people by creating projects and finding technical solutions to problems.

Post Author: Ronaldo Rovazdi