A year of a breath

I want to talk about the year 2021, when many changes have taken place in my life and I have a lot of difficulty adapting. I moved to a different city to study university. I never complained about the city I went to, my university and my department. I had just put the order I had established in the past at the center of my life and focused on making it permanent, so it was very challenging for me to leave behind many of the habits I had gotten used to. The most difficult thing for me was that my sports life was interrupted. I started playing sports when I was a middle school student and continued throughout my high school years. I have received national and international degrees, and in 2019, I received my C-class nationality in the Muaythai branch. I never thought that sports would be my career, so I focused more on my school and classes and when I started college i expected that I could pick up where I left off with this life but this gave me a disappointment. I left the comfort of home and started living in a dormitory, which had difficult living conditions for a student.

The lessons were more difficult than the lessons in high school, and I realized that if I wanted to achieve academic success, I needed to study harder on my lessons than in past years. Although there is no time when I have made a definite decision, I have not been an active athlete for 1 year. My physical appearance changed, I lost my motivation and I felt very tired mentally, but I knew that these changes were for a good purpose and that I had to adapt to this process. I decided to focus on improving myself in different areas during my university life. I participated in events that I had not participated in before and got used to the changes. I’ve been feeling mentally better and more motivated lately. I feel ready for the changes I may face in life, although not completely.

To summarize, I have recently realized that most things in my life are not permanent and that I should not put my habits at the center of my life, the main thing that should be at the center of my life is my motivation. My wish to the person who is reading this article is this; I hope that your life will be peaceful and as you wish, not as you expect.

Post Author: Gazmir