SDG Time youth exchange in Barcelona

Impress youth center participated in the youth exchange with the topic of SDG goals, and sustainable lifestyles. This project took place in Barcelona, Spain from 19-26 January. As partners in this project were participants from 8 different countries

This project aims to bring youth together and think about how to build an effective way of using the resources that we have 

our planet, like material resources, and economical resources, and also combining all these resources to have a sustainable development of our society in a global range.

Impress is involved in a variety of youth exchanges that cover different topics, such as youth work, youth challenges, culture, democracy, equality, and other topics related to youth and the challenges that youth face in their career, social, and cultural life.

Impress has participated in more than 200 hundred youth exchange programs, and more than 2000 youth has had the chance to learn through this program. Also, there are a few opportunities that are coming up this year that Impress will send youth in these programs to represent Croatia and youth have the chance to participate in these exchanges.

Post Author: Gazmir