Breaking a chain of over-consumption and creating a circle of sustainability

Nowadays we are living in a world where everything moves fast, the speed of change is extraordinarily faster than a century ago. The technologies are on another level and we have the capacity as a society to produce amounts of products in a very short time and produce again and again a high volume of any products that society needs but at the same time we produce products that are there for years in stocks.

Here we go with the other side of production and consumption in our society. We use different natural resources and produce so much that we are not using them or that at a point we overload the markets and create big stocks.

One of these examples is fast fashion. The industries of fashion and clothes each year produce more and more and at this point, the market is overloaded and people are oriented to buy new clothes. Hence, they follow the latest trend and are upgraded with the new products in the market and this becomes a race between all the members of society but what happens next?

Next, after all this high and fast production of clothes and overloaded production, we create an illness called fast fashion. We buy new clothes but we need to create space for them in the closets so the old fashion has to go somewhere. Here is where it starts the problem with fast fashion we create a stock of clothes that next will have to go in trash bins but after those clothes have to go to landfills. 

Then it starts the saga of a big chain that is connected all of it together and all these materials that we use for clothes have non-decomposed material which means that we create a big problem for the environment. We create a whole chain of pollution by producing these articles using them fast and then bringing them to landfills where they will take thousands of years to decompose.

So we want to make people aware of this big problem of nowadays fast fashion is a huge problem much bigger than it looks and is important to take action as faster possible and create a new mindset for society and create the habit of exchangeable clothes between people and sharing this in the community. The mindset of clothes exchanging can be a solution for fast fashion and in this way, we can reduce the high production of the industry of fashion.

Reducing the high production of fashion articles we go to more responsible consumption which is one of the sustainable development goals. From this point, we connect all this with a cleaner environment, cleaner waters, and atmosphere and we touch so many points and break the chain of negative impacts in our nature and our lives.

As we want to change this mindset the group of volunteers at Impress organized a fashion show with the main goal of put attention to fast fashion consumption and making the community aware of this problem so this way to impact their thinking about responsible clothes use and exchange so in this way we reuse and create a new mindset about fashion and responsible consumption. Impress is very much involved in promoting and educating people globally about sustainable development goals. So this event was so important to emphasize the negative impact of fast fashion and how to change that by taking real actions, actions that Impress is taking to sensibilize the people.

So let’s be more responsible taking small actions and encouraging people to choose to exchange clothes that they don’t use but someone else can use and others can do the same. This way we break a circle of not responsible consumption and fast fashion and create a more social circle of exchange and slower and responsible consumption to reduce the overproducing of fashion articles this way we also have a better and sustainable environment and are safer for all the future generations.

Post Author: Gazmir