Impress organized an Armenian photo exhibition in the library of Daruvar.

On 25 January in the library of Daruvar, Jonny Kondakjian, a professional photographer from Armenia, presented an exhibition of photos of the culture of his country, traditional costumes, antique churches, and monasteries. Impress provided full support to organize this exhibition in cooperation with the library of Daruvar. To be added that Johnny is a cooperator of Impress and also a volunteer, who contributes with his skills as a photographer to activities that are organized by them.

This cooperation between the library of Daruvar and the Impress made it possible to bring Armenian culture into the city of Daruvar.

 In this exhibition, during her speech, the president of Impress Tanja Herceg said: I’m happy that today as Impress we can organize this exhibition of Armenian Culture through photos and we appreciate the support of the Library of Daruvar for providing their help for this activity. We believe that giving opportunities to people is important and cooperating also is a good way to promote our mission in society.

 Also, the principle of Daruvar in her speech is expressed: This is the first time I actually heard something so beautiful about Armenia, which I knew absolutely nothing about. By the way, I have been working in the library for 15 years and in these 15 years, we have never had a travel lecture about Armenia. Now, this was the first time and I am glad that I met personally someone from Armenia who talks at length about his country in a very inspiring way. The photos are beautiful and the story of that country is truly special. I really liked the culture. I see that Armenia has a lot of churches and I, as a believer, am extremely enthusiastic about that. 

The author of the exhibition in his statement said: This is my third time in Daruvar and I have been working with Impress for 7 years. I am glad that I was able to show the visitors to the exhibition more about Armenian culture.

 presented my experience from Syria, and Lebanon as well as my life in Poland. I also talked about the war situation on the border, considering that I volunteer with children and teach them photography, and conduct creative workshops.

 So far, I have organized an exhibition with Unicef through which we made the public aware of the reality faced by children living in refugee camps.

 This exhibition aims to promote the traditions and diversity of cultures. Impress also has the mission to provide equality and connect cultures with each other through similar activities that promote each culture’s special elements.

The exhibition was well-expected by the citizens of Daruvar and a lot of people came to visit it. People were very curious to learn more about Armenian culture and to see through the photos the diversity of the culture of this country. Apart from the exhibition of the photos, people had the opportunity to enjoy Gata, a traditional Armenian sweet.


Post Author: Gazmir