The beauty of motherhood


For a few years now in Daruvar and a few other cities of Croatia as Zagreb, Split Dr. Marija an innovative woman with so much energy and desire to support the woman with babies.  She started a journey a few years ago as an inspiration to give an essential place to the family and to tell that women with babies are also beautiful and should be supported so much and give them the place they deserve in modern societies where the family importance is fading.


In this totally different catwalk event participate women that have small babies and they have doable beauty when they have a family also shine with the beauty of family creatures.


This initiative as she mentions is a good way to support more the woman and to give them the place that they deserve in society and also at the same time to support them in a different mindset of how society concepts beauty in general and to make that more different in another aspect of life as it is the beauty of motherhood.


All this mission also Impress gives support to give opportunities to women to build their confidence to provide them with good skills for their future careers and provide a better social environment. 


This event is a tradition now and it will keep going through the years each year it will build more and more a different mindset among more people about how they perceive the beauty of women and this is a great achievement as it goes from one year to another with the perspective of expanding to more cities this type of event.

Post Author: Gazmir